ProgramRefs is a referral building program that offers several advantages to building your downline for free.
ProgramRefs Earning Credits -
With ProgramRefs you can earn credits by signing up for programs that are listed by other users. The programs are mainly paid to click programs but other program such as paid to sign up, web hosting and other opportunities are available. You can also earn credits by clicking banners provided in the “BannerClicks” section. On any given day there are usually more than 20+ ads to click each offering .05 or .10+ credits per click, viewing time is only 15 seconds per banner. They also offer a three level affiliate program in which you earn credits from those you have referred to Your downline earnings are 15% - 10% - 5% for each subsequent level.
With the credits you earn you can request referrals for any of your programs.

ProgramRefs Purchases -
ProgramRefs offers the ability to purchase credits and a premium membership. The premium membership offers extended features such as allowing you 3 weeks to verify a referrals activity over the 5 days offered to standard members to verify active referrals and sign ups.
The ProgramRefs premium membership prices are as follows 1 month $1.95, 3 months 4.95, 6 months $8.95 and 1 year $16.95. The prices for purchasing credits are as follows 750 credits $9.95, 1125 credits $13.95, 1500 credits $17.95 and 1875 credits $21.95.
Payments can be made to ProgramRefs using PayPal or AlertPay.
If you want to join, please follow the link below. Enjoy