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    Thread: Fx-profit -

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      Default Fx-profit -

      Investment plan

      0.9% daily for 5 days

      2% daily for 15 days

      3% daily for 45 days

      4% daily for 85 days

      180% after 30 days

      Minimum invest $10

      Referal commission: 7%



      Professional Team
      Strong DDoS Protected
      Fast Withdraw
      No Withdraw Minimum
      No Fee For Withdraw
      Payouts 7 Days A Week
      Unique Design
      24/7 Support
      Strong Account Security

      Fx-Profit is the private financial institution which is engaged in activities in the Forex exchange market since 2007. Our 5-year experience of successful trade helped us to create our unique, stable and profitable trade strategy which is effective practically on any currency pair.
      Terms of points of entry and exit of specific line items are determined after estimates of own short-term indicators, including technical and sensitive models. In addition to it, Fx-Profit orderly manages a portfolio, thus, limiting risks of losses. Individual line items are dynamically adjusted, being based on changes in a situation in the Forex market and being based on last events.

      Our mission

      Maximizing use of modern technologies, Fx-Profit provides a window of possibilities for access to the sphere of the global investments supported by professionals for benefit of financial interests of our clients.

      Investment team

      The group of investment management of Fx-Profit consists of 10 investment specialists and many employees working in customer support center. Investment management of Fx-Profit assumes a considerable increase and stability, as well as the strong long-term relations which we create with our clients and strategic partners. These relations develop on the basis of trust, being guided by experience for achievement of long-term cooperation successfully to provide achievement by the client of his investment purposes.
      All questions of investors, including transparency problems, are processed by our customer support center. Our specialists are always ready to help you with any current situation.

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      i really like this program, i like the rate on ref commission which is very high, the roi on the offered is very attractive and i believe it can be sustainable.all the plan they offer is having same standard minimum investment which i think is very reachable for investors, i will have loved if they have other payment processor aside from libertyreserve, i will have loved if they have alerty pay but the script in here is very ok and the design is attractive.

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