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Buy this Ad space for only $399 at 50% Discount for $200 per month - Contact Us

Buy this Ad space for only $399 at 50% Discount for $200 per month - Contact Us

Buy this Ad space for only $399 at 50% Discount for $200 per month - Contact Us

Buy this Ad space for only $399 at 50% Discount for $200 per month - Contact Us

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    Registered User onliner76's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
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    Default Business Centre22 - businesscentre22.com

    I'm not the admin of http://www.businesscentre22.com

    Business centre is a professional investment company working with Forex, Stocks trading, Bonds and realizing investment activities in the most attractive spheres all around the world.

    The main purpose of our work is to provide our clients with the stable and high-paid variants for their investments.

    That's why we are making thorough investigations of the markets and businesses and select really profitable variants with minimal risks.
    Investment plans:

    Up to 106% After 1 Day
    Up to 116% After 3 Days
    Up to 140% After 7 Days

    * without registration
    * Payment system: Liberty Reserve
    * Minimal spend $10
    * Referral program 8%
    * Unique Script
    * Unique Design

    Link to view and register ==>>

    My deposit:

    Date: 12/8/2011 9:41 PM
    Batch: 78596142
    Sent To: U5414119 (Business Centre 22)
    Amount: $20.00
    Memo: Bronze

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    Forum Volunteer MisterTickle's Avatar
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    the script could be unique. however, it doesn't look very good either way. it is too simple, without anything special to it. the plans are decent. however, they still seem a bit unrealistic to me as they are paying a bit too high when the investment period is really short.

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    Registered User danke's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
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    his appearance was almost ..... almost flat ... hehe , too simple and uninteresting, without registration, weird, how do we draw our funds after that, can anybody explained

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    Registered User macky110's Avatar
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    Businesscenter22 has a nice template and very high referral income out here but i did not find the SSL Encryption as stated on the homepage.The rate us page shows us that its not popular at all and only 90$ has been invested till now so we have to wait little longer to make sure its paying.

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    Registered User Syrine22's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
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    There is nothing unique about the site because the site is simple and just like a normal site.The ROI to me is okay and should make the program last.i would just monitor the site for just some few days before i invest here because the investment as of now is still low.

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